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Edward Michael Investigations are among Houston’s most experienced experts in child custody investigations.

When it comes to child custody investigations, the best interests of the child is always of the utmost importance to our investigators and surveillance specialists.  If you suspect your child is being neglected or abused, or is indirectly being put in harm’s way by the other parent, or if you believe a parent is in violation of a court order, you should contact us right away. We can help you document evidence that your child is not being cared for sufficiently or safely.

Call (713) 975-1505 anytime between 8 am and midnight CST and talk to an experienced Houston private investigator, NOT an answering service or machine. Immediate response is available for those clients in need of emergency services.

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General and Specialized Services for Child Custody Issues

We provide a wide range of professional investigations and services to help us identify, document and prove child neglect, abandonment and abuse by parents and those they choose to have around your child, such as their romantic partners, friends, family members, nannies and other individuals.

Although we specialize in providing surveillance services to spouses who suspect their partner of cheating, our private investigator staff is highly experienced in all types of surveillance including child custody issues.
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Background Screening / Criminal History Searches
If the parent is putting people in regular, or even occasional contact with your child, you will want to know who that person is, and what is their background.  We can look into the history and criminal records of romantic partners, as well as any friends and family members of the parent who may be around your child.  We can also provide background history on nannies and other child-care professionals that the parent may hire.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle tracking is a cost effective method of gathering information and can be an invaluable aid to surveillance. Our system can monitor vehicle locations 24 hours a day and provide a detailed report of vehicle locations. Additionally, vehicle locates are available on demand. If you suspect the other parent or guardian is taking places that may be dangerous or otherwise detrimental to your child’s well-being, we can provide detailed reports of where they were, and when,

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Professional, discrete work. I got all the answers I needed to move forward. Definitely will use again and refer others to their service.

Stephanie Stovall
Stephanie Stovall

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